Shauclay Fishing Traces & Tackle

They won’t get away from Shauclay fishing traces

Tired of watching the big ones get away with your hooks because the trace broke?

They don’t get away when you use fishing traces produced by Shauclay!

Designed for strength

Shauclay fishing traces are built to hold on to the big ones so you’re not left bragging about the ones that got away.

Designed to last

Tired of fishing traces that can’t handle a little salt water?

Shauclay fishing traces are designed to resist corrosion so they last and that saves you money.

Aussie tough

Tired of over-priced imports that would struggle to hold a Whiting?

Shauclay fishing traces are designed here in Australia and built from 316 marine grade stainless steel so they last and they hold onto the big ones.


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Testimonials from Experienced Fishers

“I have been fishing for 35 years and big game fishing for over 20 years and my wife has been fishing altogether now for 7 years.

We compete in quite a few tournaments here in the US and there is no way that I would use a product that I did not completely trust.

It has been a big relief to finally find a product that I can put 100% trust in to.

Their quality is second to none. Thank you for your awesome products.”

Chris, Team Fish Slayers