About Us

Hi, we’re Shauna and Clayton Maddern and we love to fish. We live on the shores of the Great Sandy Straits in Queensland and we’re out on the water every chance we get.

For years now we have been disappointed by the quality and price of the fishing traces that you will find in most tackle stores so in 2012 we decided that it was time to produce something better at a more reasonable price.

For the next three years we spent a lot of time researching and testing and now we have a product that we are proud of.

The fishing traces that you can buy here have been tested with two professional shark fishing teams in the United States. Those teams have achieved outstanding results with our gear in the Black Tip Challenge and the Big Hammer Challenge since 2013.

We know that our fishing traces can withstand far more strain than any others, those professional teams would not use our gear if it was not the best on the market.

At first we were only producing traces as a hobby but when other fishers saw the results they began asking us to make traces for them too and now it’s a business that is growing.

Try our traces … you won’t be disappointed.